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[ossig] March InstallFest - clarifications etc.

A few FAQs which I didn't think to address initially:

1.  The event is of course free to all.  Commercial software is
naturally subject to relevant copyright and IP regulations. 
Makanan/minuman TBD.

2.  The location is the new APIIT building in Technology Park Malaysia,
Bukit Jalil.  I am not part of APIIT myself, all further questions on
this subject  should be addressed to Tejinder (see below).

3.  "Special topics" haven't been decided yet because Tejinder and I
haven't gotten that far yet ;)  I will possibly be giving a demo of a
really cool video streaming project called VideoLAN (www.videolan.org)
and we will of course hit BASIC security during the install segment.

4.  I forgot to include Tejinder's email address last time -

5.  Someone thought I was joking about installing on mainframes.  I'm
not - I've got access to SuSE for the IBM pSeries (I know, not a
mainframe) but if you bring the hardware, I'll meet the challenge and
hunt down the appropriate software.  Note that DC will not be available
at the venue.

6.  "Hanging around to lend a hand" is of course wonderful - newbies and
oldbies alike don't have to "do anything" to be welcome but please no
Emacs vs. vi religious wars.

7.  PLEASE FEED BACK on the date & time - this is the most inflexible
bit and we have to get it right early - we're now considering MORNING
rather than afternoon and need to know how that sounds.

8.  Again, all questions/comments to Tejinder and myself directly, not
the list please!  

9.  There is no item #9.

1000 - 1300
APIIT (Asia Pacific Institute of Information Technology)
Technology Park Malaysia, Bukit Jalil
cdemarco@fastmail.fm | tejinder@apiit.edu.my

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