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Re: [inbox] Re: [ossig] FOSS - Free and Open Source Software


I saw a copy of this book at Kinokuya - quickly browsed through it.
Nothing really special leaped out at me - I think its some publisher
attempting to make some quick cash from growing OSS awareness. The
quality of the book didn't look too appealing either. Bought Snow Crash
instead :)


On Mon, 2003-03-10 at 13:49, Imran William Smith wrote:
> I saw a preview copy of the book about a month ago.  It's okay,
> but is is very much 'OSS says this, Microsoft says this'.  Not
> clearly MS funded, but odd that it doesn't talk much about
> 'proprietary', mainly just about Microsoft.
> Some of the 'features/problems' of Linux are taken (with attribution)
> from the 'Microsoft Sales Rep Battle Card'.  E.g. 'sometimes hard to
> synchronize screen for X windows'.
> Also, it's a bit out of date.   No mention of OO.o.
> I'd be interested to know what's in it for Juken Consultancy.  The
> copy I saw had no retail price sticker (but did have an ISBN
> number).  Are they hoping to become a major OSS consultant?  Or
> was it (ahem) 'privately' funded?
> Imran

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