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Re: [ossig] Government turning back to Microsoft??

Kean, please,

Microsoft code is NOT open source.

Open source (as defined by the OSI) is source code
you can read, modify, give to some else, tell your
friends about.

Microsoft 'SHARED' source is source code you can
look at if you sign a (restrictive) agreement, you
can't tell anyone what you saw, you can't edit it,
you can never build anything based on what you saw.

It's like when somebody says 'I've got a secret,
I'll tell you if you promise not to tell anybody else,
and if you do tell, I'll kill you'.  You wouldn't call
that open information, would you :)

So please, don't buy the Microsoft line by saying
Microsoft Open Source code.  There is no such thing.
They want us and Governments to get confused.  And
confusion is easy to spread.


kean wrote:
IMHO if that is the main reason that the govt is
turning its back on OSS then it is very shortsighted and it misses the point
of OSS completely!
Agree, by going back to Microsoft Open Source Code
just becuase it's open source, it's very shortsignted
and missing the spirit of OSS completely. But I think Malaysia government have their reason and
interested, by looking into consideration of how many
people are familiar with linux, not much. whether
there is enough community support to make it a success
and increase productivity result in government, ...
it's still questionable. By turning back to Microsoft
maybe is just an easy way out, but definity not a wise
decision for long term vision. We know that by choosing linux, or any other open
source os, it's going to be a tough road, it's tough
but we know we going to do it. By embrassing
innovative and spirit of OSS, we can produce better
software designer or implementor and solve our
problem. Let the words be heard in Malaysia
government. period.

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