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[ossig] Asian alliance to develop open source software

Asian alliance to develop open source software

Ousting the might of Microsoft

By INQUIRER staff: Tuesday 11 March 2003, 20:11

FAR EASTERN NEWS SOURCES are reporting the emergence of an anti-Microsoft
alliance to develop open source alternatives to the monopolist's offerings.
Organisations in Japan, Korea and China have begun collaboration on the
project NE Asia Online reports. It says the Japan Information Technology
Services Industry Association (JISA) and the Chinese Software Industry
Association (CSIA) are pooling resources under the instigation of the
Federation of Korean Information Industries (FKII).

The alliance will cooperate to develop open-source software and seek to
promote Linux to government agencies and private businesses. The Korean and
Chinese governments have pledged financial support for the project, the
website reports.

Officials from the three organizations have thrashed out the structure in a
number of meetings over recent months and plan to hold an international
symposium on open source software in Phuket, Thailand this month. Developers
from a number of Asian countries are expected to attend.

The Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry is contributing funding
for the symposium. 

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