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Re: [ossig] Mirror Mandrake

perhaps can also point the other mirror sites in Malaysia.

Imran William Smith wrote:

> Thanks for the offers of help, Venantius and others.
> I think Mandrake 9 is already mirrored at ftp://mpp.uniten.edu.my
> The most useful thing is if people can provide us the full details
> of what they would like us to mirror.  The research into the mirroring
> method, who to contact, disk space required etc. takes up the main time,
> writing the script is quite simple once all the information is
> gathered.
> So what we need to know:
> package name
> URL of ftp server or (better), rsync information
> URL of information about how to get officially listed
> key URLs inside the full package so we can make some shortcuts
> Whether we can only mirror a small amount of the package
> Approximate disk space required
> Many projects are huge - 10's of Gb.  Most people will only
> want a fraction of that.  So can we mirror the most useful folders,
> and ignore (rsync can do this, wget can't) many folders?  That's
> what we are doing with Red Hat - we are ignoring anything before
> v7.3.  So, we only mirror 7.3 and 8.0 currently.  When 8.1 comes
> out, we will pick that up.  Working out which folders to exclude
> etc, and whether that is then enough to be listed on the 'official'
> mirror list, is the hard bit...  That's the help we could use!
> Thanks
> Imran
> Venantius Kumar wrote:
> > How about mirroring Mandrake.  I think its a great distribution
> > especially for beginners.
> >
> > Anything I can do to help (other than hosting the mirror site!!!) ?
> >
> >
> > regards,
> > Venantius.
> >
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best wishes.
/nan phin

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