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[ossig] CARAM Asia and Linux- Need Some Help


Lesly here. I came for the first workshop organised by the MNCC and OSSIG
in December for NGOs and schools. Sorry for not joining the forum, been
very busy. But here we are.

We are an NGO network consisting of 12 organisations spread over 11
We are thinking of introducing OSS to the whole network and we are trying
it out first within the secretariat.

Check out www.caramasia.gn.apc.org to find out more
We have recently had over an expert to help us setup Linux Red Hat 8 in
our office for 2 weeks. We have set up a LTSP server but we have been
having problems with printing through the LTSP server and all.

What would be the best way to setup printing and file sharing? Any good
websites to check out?

Is it okay to install Redhat straight to the harddisk? We have good
hardware here and won't want to waste it by just using LTSP.

We have 10 PCs within the office and we are all not very familiar with
LINUX. We have an ISDN connection and a WEBRamp Modem  with Dlink Ethernet

We have tried a few implementations of linux, such as Knoppix, Red Hat on
harddisk and LTSP.

What would be the bset setup for us? The needs of an NGO are quite
different from a corporate entity.



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