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Re: [ossig] Gentoo [OT?]

  > > Maybe we can organise a gathering for the more experienced users of 
  > > OSS.  Then stuff like that can be shown and discussed etc.  It can be 
  > > a fun-activity for us too where we can actually get to meet face-to-
  > > face with some of the more active posters to this list :)

Well, we *are* trying to get an InstallFest setup at APIIT next weekend... 
...there's nothing says there can't be two sessions, oldbies helping newbies
and bashing Gentoo/LFS while the installs chug along... 

And this idea of meeting everybody face-to-face is EXACTLY what I'm trying to
accomplish with the InstallFest!  Is the general oldbie consensus then that
a Geek-Out is more attractive than an InstallFest?  

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