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Re: [ossig] Gentoo [OT?]

If we ever hope of making something of OSS, we must try and make an effort
to include all newbies. From newbies will there come experienced users who
will bring in more users and OSS will then really take off.We can't keep
saying they will just slow us down.

>   > > Maybe we can organise a gathering for the more experienced users
> of  OSS.  Then stuff like that can be shown and discussed etc.  It
> can be  a fun-activity for us too where we can actually get to
> meet face-to- face with some of the more active posters to this
> list :)
> Well, we *are* trying to get an InstallFest setup at APIIT next
> weekend...  ...there's nothing says there can't be two sessions, oldbies
> helping newbies and bashing Gentoo/LFS while the installs chug along...
> And this idea of meeting everybody face-to-face is EXACTLY what I'm
> trying to accomplish with the InstallFest!  Is the general oldbie
> consensus then that a Geek-Out is more attractive than an InstallFest?


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