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Rant: [ossig] CARAM Asia and Linux- Need Some Help

Principally, this addresses *two* threads:

Could M$ be correct ?? I think I have to agree; yes they are. TCO for
OpenSource *is* higher. This is not because M$ is easier to be set up
and kept running, but this is due to too many hands mess with minor
issues; too many hands that haven't had their LCSE. And, worse, too many
business people who think 'free' means 0 $ / RM 0. As long as this is
the case, yes, I will have to agree that M$ is definitively *cheaper*.

True is, that - and I don't want to attack CARAM intentionally, even
though I might sound like - when I read the first post it did smell like
something already screwed up. For those who don't know: All those trials
here and there *are* already TCO into the thousands of $ without a first
reasonable printout. No rant: with M$ you would have been further. Not
because M$ was better, not at all, but - as we say in my mothertongue:
"Too many cooks spoil the dish". 'Free' does not mean zarro cost. And
anyone with a good common sense will make damn sure to have the support
in-house; M$ or *nix. TANLAFL. Or have a good, constant support in close
reach, at least. Anything else is roller-coaster without safety belt.

Maybe you remember one of our friends who wanted to 'ghost' some - I
don't remember well - 50 or 500 machines with Linux. If I remember well,
he mentioned that his company was not prepared to fork out the / any
money for a helping hand. In the end, they ended up with playing around
for days or weeks and finally installing all machines from CDROM or NFS
or whatsoever. Nothing learned, nothing earned. TCO peaking.

Is this *still* rant ? Then I better stop. But I *mean* what I wrote !!


On Fri, 2003-03-14 at 11:50, lesly@catholic.org wrote:
> Thanks for the advice, but we have already committed ourselves to Redhat
> and shifting now for the whole org would not be a good idea, but I am sure
> mandrake is better in the areas you mentioned. But at the same time, isn't
> any distro of Liunx modular? And I think with some tweaking, can be as
> good or better than any other distros.But thanks for the advice anyway.
> > You left out one advantage of Mandrake.  Mandrake's default
> > configuration is a lot more secure than those of Red Hat. R-services
> > and telnet are usually not install. You can even set the security
> > setting to a very high level. It come with packages that allows a far
> > more easier firewall configuration (text file not gui).  You can even
> > select a secure kernel as your kernel.
> >
> >
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