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[ossig] NSTP Outlook: Joining forces on Linux education and awareness

THE Malaysian National Computer Confederation’s Open Source Special Interest Group (MNCC-OSSIG)
is embarking on an education and awareness campaign to push the viability of open source computing.

Having completed an educational session for 29 teachers and non-governmental organisations in Kuala Lumpur in December last year and
another session of 29 people last month, MNCC-OSSIG is looking at taking its workshops nationwide.

MNCC-OSSIG’s chairperson Lee Nan Phin says the plan is to conduct five workshops this year starting this month at Penang followed by
Malacca, Johor, Kedah as well as Sabah and Sarawak.

Aimed at promoting the benefits of using Linux, the workshops will also allow the public to get a feel of the open source software
and its application in a business environment.

“The workshops are introductory courses for those without experience using Linux, but intend to pursue the certification,” Lee says,
adding that the workshops are also meant for people wanting to evaluate the feasibility of implementing open source software within
their organisations.

Lee, nevertheless, says the big challenge in organising such a campaign is funding, and thus MNCC-OSSIG is looking for more

Currently, the group has four sponsors – IBM Malaysia Sdn Bhd, Getronics Malaysia, Sun Microsystems and Advance Technologies Study
Centre (ATSC)..... MORE



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