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[ossig] Installfest2003

Hi guys,

Been pretty busy last week with visits from APIIT's overseas centers and the external examiners visit from UK.
This is just to let you guys know that the installfest is ON!!!! No qualms about it.... 
Appended below is a slight modification to the original message sent out to the mailing list some time ago.
As this is the first time we are organizing the installfest, we would welcome help in the logistical side of things, like what do we need to prepare for the event (besides just showing up).
To those few who emailed to the list indicating their intereset in certain aspects, are you still keen ? It was a while since you indicate your support. Others can come and just watch and learn.

Let us together make this event a success.

Directions to APIIT.

Presuming you know where TPM is.

1)Enter TPM
2)Keep Left
3)Go past an office building(Enterprise 4) on your left. You willsee a T-junction. Keep going straight.
4)Opposite the TNB substation on your left is APIIT (which is on your right)
5)Park car at the visitor lot.
6)Proceed to Level 4 (top most level). The elevator buttons may be a bit misleading.

Presuming you don't know where TPM is,

1) Do you know where IRIS & MIMOS are? We are next to them.;-)

See you all there!

Later buds....

Message Begins here------


Saturday, 22  March The Open Source Group (OSG) of APIIT and the OS developer community will be  having a GNU/Linux  InstallFest. Newbies and oldbies  alike are  invited - teach,  learn, install the  latest & greatest GNU/Linux distributions. *BSD is also welcome! Open to all! best of all, its FREE!

	APIIT @ TPM, Bukit Jalil, Level 4 Exam Hall
	Saturday, 22 March
        1400 - 1700
	Anybody  interested  in learning,  teaching,  helping or  just
        hanging out
	Red Hat 8, Red Hat Betas, Debian, Mandrake
        Help for new users
        Chance to show off for experienced users
     	Special topics 
	1)Demonstration of reference implementation of LSTP 
	2)Demonstration of VideoLAN project
	3)Setting up of DNS, firewall/iptables, sendmail,etc..

        Why not?
	Anybody interested, reply to cdemarco@fastmail.fm, tejinder@apiit.edu.my(OSG) 

Message ends here -----

Ir. Tejinder Singh
Project Manager & Lecturer
Asia Pacific Institute of Information Technology (APIIT)
Information And Communications Technology (ICT) Group 
Level 4, 
Lot 6, Technology Park Malaysia, Bt. Jalil
57000  Kuala Lumpur
Tel:- +603 89961007 ext 4708
Fax:-+603 8996 1001
Email:- tejinder@apiit.edu.my

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