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Re: [ossig] Expensive Open Source PC?

Nothing can beat pirate software, it cost almost nothing to the shop selling

In short, for opensource consumer s/w to be wide spread use in Malasysia,
piracy needs to be reduce.
--- "Charles F. Moreira" <cfm@pc.jaring.my> wrote:
> Folks,
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> From: "Dinesh Nair" <dinesh@alphaque.com>
> Subject: RE: [ossig] Expensive Open Source PC?
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> > On Tue, 1 Apr 2003, Nicholas Adrian Suppiah wrote:
> >
> > > I have not read that advert. but the pricing is rediculous considering
> > > that it is not introducing any new specs in the hardware. Everyone is
> > > once again reminded how misdirected are the effort towards OSS.
> >
> > misdirected ? let's be fair here. mimos has a right to put _any_ price
> > they want on their offering. whether it's cheap, expensive or just plain
> > useless is something the consumer decides. but at the same time, i think
> > what they're doing is good, not bad. how many places can you buy a
> > linux-installed pc in malaysia ?
> >
> > sure, the savvy will finder more economical to build-their-own from low
> > yatt plaza or imbi plaza, but the less savvy who still want to use open
> > source have an option with the mimos offering. so, let's not deride them
> > just because you can do it cheaper.
> I won't knock Komnas (Hicom Technologies) nor Mimos for coming out with
> Linux-loaded PCs but at the same time if Mimos sees open source software as
> a means to make ownership of PCs with legal software affordable for the most
> Malaysians as well as to save Malaysia on foreign exchange, then as a
> government-owned company and former government agency, Mimos should charge a
> low as possible for its PCs without compromising on quality.
> At the NOSCE, I asked Hicom Technologies why they did not sell their open
> source software package so that people can install it on their PCs and Hicom
> said that they had optimised their software to run on the particular PC
> hardware configuration they were selling bundled with their software.
> So, what Mimos and Hicom could do to help consumer users and the Imbi/Low
> Yat/etc. Plaza vendors is to sell their software along with a list of
> compatible hardware which are compatible with and hopefully that will let
> users have a wider choice of sources for hardware at lower prices and at the
> same time relieve Mimos and Hicom from having to bear costs of harware
> purchases and warehousing.
> After all, that's what Microsoft has been doing all along -- ie focus on the
> software and let others worry about the hardware -- and it seems to have
> worked out too well for all parties concerned.
> From a consumers' point of view, if one can buy a clone PC and original
> software for less than the cost of a PC with open source software then
> unless the consumer is committed to open source user, he or she would have
> little incentive to buy the more expensive PC/software combination when the
> cheaper one will do the same thing (or even more) and serve their purpose
> just fine.
> Based opon my recent "breakthrough" in getting KDE to run on Red Hat 7.2
> without Freezing up on my AMD K6-2 500 with 3D Now, I had to increase its
> memory capacity from 64Meg to 256Meg, when Windows 98 ran fine with 64Meg
> and let me do almost everything I wanted -- including download/upload
> pictures from/to my digital camera, download/upload sound files from/to my
> digital voice recorder, scan pictures, write CD's, access various USB
> devices and access the Internet.
> In short, to run KDE Red Hat 7.2, I need the memory requirements of Windows
> XP Professional and I couldn't install Red Hat 7.2 on a Pentium 133 PC with
> 16 Meg of RAM which means that Red Hat 7.2 (and perhaps other open source
> software) is not going to help bridge the digital divide by enabling older
> PCs running legal software to be used in schools, community centres, etc.
> Under the free market conditions we live under now, open sourse software is
> competing primarily with Microsoft software (pirated or original) in the
> consumer space and  unless open source software offers a cheaper, better,
> more versatile and user friendly option for consumers, they won't have any
> incentive to switch -- that after all is their right too.
> As marketing experience shows, it's not easy to shift satisfied customers to
> another platform -- especially when they will have to go through a
> re-learning process -- and that's kind of logic behind a saying by customer
> engineers and mechanics -- ie "if it ain't broke, why fix it."
> So to win against Microsoft in the consumer space, open source software must
> be extra competitive to wean consumers over from Microsoft software
> (original or pirated).
> Cheers
> Charles F. Moreira
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