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[ossig] Malaysian Open Source Conference and Exhibition 2003 - call for papers

UPSI and MIMOS are co-organising the Malaysian Open Source
Conference and Exhibition 2003, to be held in mid-August.


Here follows the call for papers:

 :: Conference Information

Title    : Malaysian Open Source Conference and Exhibition 2003
Date     : 19-20 August 2003
Place    : PWTC - Putra World Trade Centre, Kuala Lumpur
Theme    : "Empowering Malaysia with Open Source"

 :: Presentation Duration

Each speaker is allowed 40 minutes for each session including question
and answer time with the audience. Sessions should be geared towards
one of the topics listed below.

 :: Topics

Authors are invited to submit papers that fit the following or
suggest alternative topics:

A) Open Source for Government

  1. Promoting Open Source to government agencies
  2. Government requirements and Open Source
  3. Formulating government policies and regulations
  4. Should governments mandate Open Source?
  5. Open Source implementation in Government sectors

B) Open Source for Education

  1. Today's students are tomorrow's Open Source champions
  2. Open Source curriculum for advancement for Malaysian education
  3. Building a national presence of Open Source in Malaysian education
  4. The challenge of adopting Open Source in education

C) Open Source for Industry

  1. The business and economics of Open Source in Malaysia
  2. Securing networks with Open Source
  3. Business case for adopting Open Source
  4. Implementation of Open Source - A case study
  5. Open Source on the desktop
  6. Adopting Open Source in SMIs

D) Local Activities in Open Source

  1. Development of Open Source in Asia - challenges and opportunities
  2. Open Source - local needs
  3. Localizing Open Source software
  4. Local software development in Open Source

 :: Paper Submission Format

Papers should conform to the following restrictions:

  1. Maximum 8000 words
  2. A full paper should be submitted, not just presentation slides
  3. Font size 10, double spaced
  4. One of the following file formats : OpenOffice.org, HTML, PDF

All papers should include a 1 page abstract of approximately 100 words.

Papers should be submitted by email to conf2003_tech@lists.asiaosc.org
along with the following information:

  1. Author's full name
  2. Author's e-mail address
  3. Author's postal address
  4. Author's telephone and fax numbers
  5. Author's short biography (1 paragraph)

Any paper that is accompanied by any non-disclosure agreements will be rejected.
Authors must give the organizers the permission to publish the selected papers
in the conference website, handouts to conference attendees, and anywhere else
in reference to this conference. Authors retain the copyright to their work.

 :: Deadline for Submission

30 June 2003

Imran William Smith
Project Manager, Open Source Development, MIMOS Berhad, Malaysia

Asian Open Source Centre : http://www.asiaosc.org
MIMOS Open Source        : http://opensource.mimos.my

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