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RE: [ossig] DNS problems

Stories of the poor service of Terrorkom Malaysia has put me off from getting broadband services. 
I believe we need to come together and come out with a collective statement voicing our dissatisfaction with the monopoly broadband provider. Then we all can individually send emails/letters to the press to get some attention and hopefully some action. Isn't the technology community also a vote bank?

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	On 29 Apr 2003, Ditesh Kumar wrote:
	> competition is clearly resulting in a lack of initiative on the part of
	> TMnet to improve the situation. We need more broadband operators who can
	> give broadband access via groundlines to users so that we are not stuck
	> to TMnet and its poor service.
	malaysians should be more vocal. the problem is, my journalist friends
	tell me, is that too many people are not willing to go on the record for
	fear of whatever. when they fear the unknown, they don't speak out and
	this gives the impression that the few that do speak out are just rabid
	based on the article which raslan sharif wrote in intech last week, i got
	a number of emails all saying that i spoke out what they always wanted to
	say. but none of them would say the same thing for themselves. the cycle
	would you write to the press expressing your discontent ?
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