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[ossig] Alternative broadband providers?


I'm sorry but I've been reading the griping about streamyx and it's really funny. Not. The truth is, in my experience with tmnet, I never had the feeling that they actually know what they're doing. Not with 1515 and not with streamyx. I've had more joy with jaring, to be honest - only problem is, they don't provide mass-broadband.

So what are the alternatives?

There are 2 I know about. Wireless broadband (access-point type) and satellite broadband. The first is similar to wifi but on a larger scale. There was a company doing it in Shah Alam but they don't seem to be serious about it. No marketing, no news, nothing. There was another company operating out of...I can't remember the area (near the large Macy curtain store? If you're travelling from KL to The Mines) doing something similar but again...now, nothing. 

The other alternative, is by satellite. There are a couple of low-profile operators. This is similar to Astro in that you have a dish at home. One provider I know about even uses a dish similar to Astro's (small, uni-directional). If you want to have a look at the large-dish type, go to the roundabout near UM and section 16 at the big bike shop (there's a sculpted waterfall at the roundabout). There is a cybercafe there that uses this tech. You could ask there, I suppose.

The problem with the satellite thingies is that they are quite expensive. Monthly is quite high and setup is high too. The dish is not cheap. Still, I think they could do it and really give tmnet a run for it's money if they were to price and market it better.

The thing is, if they (these half-baked broadband providers) don't want to do it, perhaps they should sell their infra to someone who does! The demand for broadband far outstrips supply, as we all know. It only takes someone with the cash, people and will to do it right to succeed. Or perhaps something else is holding them back..?

Mukhsein Johari

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