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Re: [ossig] DNS problems

I have to repeat

a copper monopoly no longer means broadband monopoly
I repeat, ad nauseum, 802.11 is the way to go :)
With the right investment 802.11 can also take away the communications monopoly from ALL telcos

someone posted an article on 802.11 mobile phones, imagine the potential !
Imagine a global 802.11 peer to peer infrastructure using IPv6 !!!!

The days of the monolithic telcos are numbered....10-15 years, they may be obsolete

On Tuesday, April 29, 2003, at 08:53 PM, Ditesh Kumar wrote:

On Tue, 2003-04-29 at 20:13, Michael Choo wrote:
Actually, all the other telco's can provide DSL service as well (Time,
Digi, Maxis).
However they are not bothered to do it for mass market, rather
focussing on corporate business only.

So Telekom Malaysia is getting the business because the others are not
bothered for your $$, they prefer the $$$$$ which they can charge the
corporate sector.

It is my understanding that other telco's DO NOT have access to the last
mile copper line since it is improperly owned by Telekom Malaysia. You
think Maxis and Jaring don't want to offer broadband services? I doubt
that - there is a lucrative market present as can be seen by the
overwhelming demand for broadband - and Maxis and Jaring are not blind
to this. I remember reading some time back Jaring was pressuring some
gov agency in charge of telco/isps to liberate the last mile lines. By
all accounts, Jaring saw the demand for broadband more clearly and
earlier than TMnet. Please do keep in mind that Maxis is the king of the
cellular mass market - they, of everybody else, should have definitely
seen the potential for broadband.

The reason they offer it in selected areas is because of the priori
condition that they do not own the physical copper lines.

Time's broadband is wireless, AFAIK. To use wireless, you've gotta incur
costs of setting up access points compared to physical copper lines that
are already in place and working well.

If I'm mistaked in my facts, I'd love to be corrected.


Ditesh Kumar <ditesh@ameba6.com>
Ameba6 Solutions Sdn. Bhd.

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