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Re: [ossig] All Talk, No Action

>> From the article: In fact, weeks of looking for companies that use it
in a significant way only turned up one company.

She must not have looked hard then. We have two major engineering firms
(as in companies with multi-million dollar revenue) that fully use FOSS
on the server end. The clients are Windows mostly because they need to
use programs such as AutoCAD. And in one client accountancy firm, they
were running StarOffice.

She should have joined this list and asked from people from this mailing
list whether they know any companies running FOSS. Although adoption may
be low, it ain't that low so much so that it takes weeks to find
companies running FOSS. She should have been a little proactive in doing
her homework.

Some parts of the article are flamebait, eg: "While sharing the source
code, in theory, would allow software developers to help strengthen
security features, it could also expose existing programs to the threat
of virus writers and hackers. His scepticism may not be all that
far-fetched, despite the belief of avid "open sourcers" that sharing the
source code will lead to better and more secure software. Human nature
being what it is, the danger of the code getting into irresponsible
hands exists."

Utter bullshit. She apparently has not been part of the computing world
in the past few years where FOSS has consistently been quicker to
release patches for security bugs, often within hours. It is thanks to
code review and an open environment for code audit that major FOSS has
had a better security history than proprietary software.

BTW, I believe there is a commercial version of Apache etc. Commercial
!= proprietary. Isn't Apache backed in a major way by Covalent? I may
very well be wrong, though.

Ditesh Kumar
Ameba6 Solutions Sdn. Bhd.

"Anyone who considers arithmetical methods of producing random digits
is, of course, in a state of sin." 	- John Von Neumann

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