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Re: [ossig] Broadband Market

Jaring and TMnet are going to merge
TMnet is fully committed to broadband wired or wireless - like it or not, they will be the biggest, look at the prices! The numbers are awe inspiring and they will have international bandwidth to match
Maxis is going to focus on wireless IP - seems like all wired products are being withdrawn
Time looks like making some moves to expand
Digi ? non starter, had plans, abandoned plans, gone back to prepaid mobile
Arcnet - NTT MSCs product is primarily ADSL, e-buildings resells "broadband", expensive
others are just resellers and will cost more

heh sorry to sound like a TMnet advert but thats the reality of it
I'm upgrading my 385 to 512 AND pay less in the process
TMnet gets my money

On Friday, October 3, 2003, at 12:51 PM, kengheng wrote:

Will TMnet monopoly broadband market at the end after TMnet reduce the price for streamyx, how about Jaring and other ISP strategy on broadband market in future?