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Re: [ossig] SMTP question

On Sun, 5 Oct 2003 20:40:57 +0800, "Seah Hong Yee"
<hongyee@polyscientific.com.my> said:
> Guys
> running it was because I am not sure what would the implication be. Would 
> remote mailserver reject mail from my network because it come from a
> private 
> network ip ? or when they can't reverse the address ? 

I was doing this quite happily until I changed jobs and got stuck behind
a big evil firewall.  It is very likely that you'll get bounced mails
from some braindead providers (AOL!) who think that dialup_IP == SPAM
until you fine-tune your MTA and MUA settings.  For example, since I
don't have a valid FQDN for my laptop I instruct my MUA (mutt) to write
headers claiming I'm from fastmail.fm.  It should be relatively painless
and very beneficial to you.
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