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[ossig] computerworld.com.my covers open source

Print and online mag covers open source :

Last month : Dhillon Andrew, founder of www.hackinthebox.org

(who says Linux is good, recommended, but maybe hard for existing
Windows users to migrate).

This month, Dinesh...
(who says open source is good, it's about choice, and it's much
more than just Linux, so SCO case is damaging, but not critical).

Ugly long URLs, eh?

Funny, I never heard of computerworld.com.my before. But then,
I am new in Malaysia, and haven't bought a newspaper or a magazine
in paper edition for the last 4-5 years.


Imran William Smith
Project Manager, Open Source Development, MIMOS Berhad, Malaysia

Asian Open Source Centre : http://www.asiaosc.org
MIMOS Open Source : http://opensource.mimos.my

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