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Re: [ossig] Freebsd cvsup mirror in Malaysia?

> other than not having the cvsup.my.freebsd.org fqdn
> pointed to
> mirror.leafbug.org server, it's now serving FreeBSD
> cvsup mirror just fine
> at the moment with 3 hours refresh interval.
> --
> Yusmar Yahaya           :  yus@leafbug.org
> blogsite                :  http://leafbug.org/~yus
> FreeBSD 4.8-STABLE i386
> 12:30PM  up 36 days,  6:57, 2 users, load averages:
> 0.09, 0.03, 0.01

Excellent! This is a full mirror, yes? Imran, don't
feel that we no longer need MIMOS' freebsd mirror,
please do still consider it. After all, two mirrors
are better than one...

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