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Re: [ossig] The Glider: Proposal for a Hacker Emblem

> Personally I don't like the glider - it looks too
> corporate,

Too corporate?! Hmm...I guess to each his own. I think
it is sufficiently geeky to qualify.

> too anonymous.  Some hackers 'get it', but younger
> ones won't, and the explanation is long.  It can't

Younger ones won't?! Don't they teach "Life" in CS
courses anymore? You can't be serious. It's a classic.

> be customized either.  That's why Tux is a good
> emblem,
> (however I remember thinking it was somewhat
> unprofessional
> when I first saw it, so I am contradicting myself).

Hmm. He did say only 50% 'beta testers' took to it
immediately. By the same token, since you didn't like
Tux to begin with, maybe you'll grow to like the
glider! :-)

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