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Re: [ossig] Linux live cds - "Unix is hard to install"

must realy  give to klaus knopper and his cloop (compressed loop)

Mukhsein Johari wrote:
> Yeah. Hard to say with conviction these days.
> Well, I've been playing with a few live linux cds and
> I have to say they have improved by leaps and bounds
> since they first came out.
> Knoppix is perhaps the most famous
> (http://www.knoppix.org/)
> It now takes less time to boot than it did before. It
> really is a full-featured linux. Unbelievable to many
> - until you boot it on their PCs! :-)
> Knoppix is based on Debian.
> Another is (or rather was), Slackware-Live. It has
> since been renamed to Slax (http://www.slax.org/)
> Slax, is of course, based on Slackware. Slax however,
> is slightly less 'featured' taking up around 180MB -
> fits on an 8mm disc (the smaller than normal cds). The
> disk and case is about the size of a floppy. Which
> makes it very handy - handier than knoppix, somewhat.
> Both the above are kde-centric (if you launch X). If
> you prefer GNOME, you'd want to try Gnoppix
> (http://www.gnoppix.org/) Not as well tested or as
> vibrant as knoppix, though (last news item was in
> November).
> The longbeards on the lists will remember when we had
> install-fests and also remember giving away linux cds
> at certain events.  Now we don't even have to have
> install-fests to get people to try linux. Simply hand
> them a live-cd and they can try _without_risk_ linux
> with office software _preinstalled_ and with most
> hardware, zero config.
> Linux certainly has come a _very_ long way in the last
> 5 years or so. I would suggest that we have enough CDs
> burned to give to each participant the next time we
> hold "intro to linux/open source" workshops or
> classes. I understand it's "paid" now, right? So we
> could give them a CD each to take home and try what
> they learned right away - without affecting their
> current windows setup.
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