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Re: [ossig] Linux live cds - "Unix is hard to install"

The only big disadvantages I see with Live CDs:

1) if you assume the HDD is untouchable, where do you
store your info?  If you have a roming profile where
all your data lives on a server and needs username+password
to access, no problem.

2) you have no CD-ROM drive to play music etc.  Less
problem than it used to be.

I wonder whether any organisation could seriously standardize
on a live-CD desktop?  - using PCs with no HDD, only local CDROM,
all persistent data stored for each user at the server.

Then you could deploy updated desktop software for each user at
minimal cost, you could even put some kind of version number on
the liveCD and block the older versions from logging into a central server,
thereby ensuring people were using a recent version (good for
ensuring security patches).

It's sort of thin client idea, sort of not.  Any thoughts?


Ditesh Kumar wrote:
>>Knoppix is perhaps the most famous
>>It now takes less time to boot than it did before. It
>>really is a full-featured linux. Unbelievable to many
>>- until you boot it on their PCs! :-)
> I've heard from a student in Multimedia University that at least one of
> the comp sci related class in the Engineering faculty uses Knoppix
> because the faculty does not have sufficient licenses for the MS
> Visual-X products. Now, if only the IT faculty switches over :-)
>>From what I hear also, Knoppix is rather popular among the students, due
> to the fact that:
> a) KDE looks really really polished on the desktop (and Gnome does too,
> I might add), and
> b) The idea of using a CD to carry around an OS.
> (b) is a bit mindblowing to those who have never been exposed to the
> concept of live cds.

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