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Re: [ossig] Linux live cds - "Unix is hard to install"

On Thu, 8 Jan 2004, Imran William Smith wrote:
> 1) if you assume the HDD is untouchable, where do you
> store your info?  If you have a roming profile where
> all your data lives on a server and needs username+password
> to access, no problem.
> 2) you have no CD-ROM drive to play music etc.  Less
> problem than it used to be.

in both cases, from a server on the network.

> It's sort of thin client idea, sort of not.  Any thoughts?

it's actually network computing. the thin client evolved because of the
demands of the infrastructure, which could not fully handle an entire OS
delivered across the wires, hence the utilization of thinner footprints
locally. the CD is one way of addressing this, providing next to full OS
functionality locally.

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