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Re: [ossig] Linux live cds - "Unix is hard to install"

Live CDs don't necessarily have to assume the HDD is untouchable. You 
just don't boot off it. It's not that hard to configure a live CD to 
automatically detect and mount HDD partitions upon bootup.

That way, you can always set the user to have (assuming current GUI 
interface concepts) "My Documents (server)" and "My Documents (this 
machine)" shortcuts in their file selection dialogs. 

I like the idea of Live CDs as a way to control desktop environments and 
upgrades though. Much better than having to manage a LAN of standard 
desktops and worry that someone is going to get compromised or virus 
infected. With Live CDs, most problems are solved with a reboot. 

On Thursday 08 January 2004 10:27, Imran William Smith wrote:
> The only big disadvantages I see with Live CDs:
> 1) if you assume the HDD is untouchable, where do you
> store your info?  If you have a roming profile where
> all your data lives on a server and needs username+password
> to access, no problem.


> I wonder whether any organisation could seriously standardize
> on a live-CD desktop?  - using PCs with no HDD, only local CDROM,
> all persistent data stored for each user at the server.
> Then you could deploy updated desktop software for each user at
> minimal cost, you could even put some kind of version number on
> the liveCD and block the older versions from logging into a central
> server, thereby ensuring people were using a recent version (good for
> ensuring security patches).
> It's sort of thin client idea, sort of not.  Any thoughts?
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