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Re: [ossig] Linux live cds - "Unix is hard to install"

On Thu, 08 Jan 2004 10:27:02 +0800
Imran William Smith <iwsmith@mimos.my> wrote:

> 1) if you assume the HDD is untouchable, where do you
> store your info?  If you have a roming profile where
> all your data lives on a server and needs username+password
> to access, no problem.

here is where the thumbdrive comes in handy. i believe for most important data, a 128 or 256 would be sufficient right?
> 2) you have no CD-ROM drive to play music etc.  Less
> problem than it used to be.

well, compare to the price of a HD, perhaps getting 2 CDROM is not too expensive :) btw, how often you play with CDROM at work place except for music and software installation (warez?)
> I wonder whether any organisation could seriously standardize
> on a live-CD desktop?  - using PCs with no HDD, only local CDROM,
> all persistent data stored for each user at the server.

it depends on the need and demand.

> Then you could deploy updated desktop software for each user at
> minimal cost, you could even put some kind of version number on
> the liveCD and block the older versions from logging into a central server,
> thereby ensuring people were using a recent version (good for
> ensuring security patches).

but an upgrade for a corperation with 50 people would mean a 50CDs expenditure :)


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