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Re: [ossig] For goodness sake, stop using IE already!

On Friday 09 January 2004 08:45, Imran William Smith wrote:
> True.  Wonder why they don't use Windows with Mozilla 95% 
> and IE for the 5% of sites that cause trouble?
> Maybe some survey would help us understand?

If we're talking about the average user, it is probably because they do 
not know any better. My non-technical acquaintances have no clue what 
Mozilla is, have no idea that they can get spyware and viruses from 
just surfing with IE, do not know that any computer exposed to the 
Internet is under constant attack, etc. 

Even many "technical" users are not aware of all the issues. All they 
want is a system that works, which IE certainly appears to. 

These days, the internet seems more like a warzone (for your computers) 
than the good old information exchange network it once was. I'm getting 
more and more paranoid as the days go by.

Kenneth Wong
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