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Re: [ossig] For goodness sake, stop using IE already!

--- Khairil Yusof <kaeru@pd.jaring.my> wrote:
> On Fri, 2004-01-09 at 08:45 +0800, Imran William
> Smith wrote:
> > True.  Wonder why they don't use Windows with
> Mozilla 95% and IE
> > for the 5% of sites that cause trouble?
> > Maybe some survey would help us understand?
> Part of it is the "It just works".
> IE pre-installed, flash works, no sites complain.
> vs
> Mozilla have to download (maybe slow connection),
> have to install flash
> plugin, some sites complain (though very few these
> days).
> But now the risk of passwords, credit card
> information, viruses is just
> too great, to spend that extra effort to protect
> yourself.

Well, I think it's like this:

You buy a new house. It's got doors and windows (heh)
built in. You put important stuff in your house.
Computer, Home Theatre System, TV, Fridge, Gold
Jewelry. Would you use/leave your doors and windows
_like_you_got_them? Of course, "no". Invariably, you'd
put bars, grills and at the very least, padlocks. You
still have to put in extra effort to increase the
security of your home and your important stuff.
Wouldn't you? This does not mean your house is
burglar-proof, it just means it's not so easy for
nasties to get at your important stuff.

The problem is _very_ serious. I think it should be
highlighted in the papers (maybe second/third page).
The common mainstream ones and not just in their tech
Don't editors like sensational news?

There's nothing like a good scare (and the danger is
very real!) to get people to change. I mean, people
download and install software _all_the_time_! It's not
that big an effort - to protect yourself, really.

I'm sure the local M$ rep will protest, but the link
to the testpage would silence him.

There are local _banks_ that require IE to use their
internet banking site! Which is why I've stopped using
Bank Islam's facility - I wrote to them many-many
times and been ignored every time.

Luckily there's Maybank who thinks my business is
important enough - their maybank2u site works great on
mozilla now.

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