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Re: [ossig] For goodness sake, stop using IE already!

The MyGovernment Portal (http://www.gov.my/MyGov/Home) also had this: 
"Best viewed with Internet Explorer 5.5 and above in 1024 - 768 pixels
screen resolution"

The 'good thing' is that they're asking for feedback. I should tell em
that the site looks ok with Konqueror on Linux. Then again I'm not sure
as there might be IE specific stuff (do ppl still use the tag that makes
text scroll across the screen?)

This portal has been designed with you as the customer and citizen in
mind.Therefore, we invite you to access and browse myGovernment and
share with us your views, comments and suggestions for improvement. Feel
free to access myGovernment now. Whatever your views, comments and
suggestions, we would like to hear them here. Alternatively, you could
communicate with us through mcsl@mampu.gov.my. We are also open to
alternative names for the portal other than myGovernment which you think
to be more suitable. 
Adli bin Abdul Wahid 	                 http://kict.iiu.edu.my/adli
Dept.of IS, Kulliyyah of ICT, IIUM       adli@iiu.edu.my
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