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Re: [ossig] Linux live cds - "Unix is hard to install"

On Fri, Jan 09, 2004 at 02:55:32PM +0800, Iskantharajah Thanapalasingam
spoke thusly:

>Anybody heard of remote installation and setup of software? It is
>something unheard of in windows where the sysadmin can login and
>administer while users are using the system. 

a)  When you've got thousands of machines, you do *NOT* want to remotely
    login to each and every system and administer XX-YY-ZZ.

Hardly being a MS advocate, but I'm very sure the above can be scripted on
their platform; and you don't have to be a programming ninja.

If you check out the hyperlink below, I think there was a post a week or so
ago of one chap performing software updates via domain logon -> registry ->
javascript. Which apparently works dandidly for him.

>eg. add printer, remove printer, etc , add applications, remove

Again, mass software/config deployment upon a client system reboot.

>What I'msaying here is that there are many way to automate system updating
>in unix/linux/BSD that will leave windows admins awestruck.

Read through the recent archives at 'patchmanagement.org'. Your opinion
might just change :)

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