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[ossig] Netcraft Jan 2004 - country survey includes Malaysia

Netcraft's well known web server survey also has
a component where they choose a few countries to go into
more detail.

I recently (mid December) asked them if they could
survey Malaysia again, since the last time was July 2001.

Either a coincidence or they heard my plea.  Malaysia
has been resampled as at Jan 2004.

Summary for Malaysia is:
Jan 2004:
Microsoft IIS 51%
Apache 42%
unknown 1%
Netscape Enterprise 1%
Lotus Domino 1%
Zope 1%

Back in Jul 2001:
Apache 46%
Microsoft IIS 42%

That contrasts with the global stats (and see Singapore detail):

Jan 2004:
Microsoft IIS 21%
Apache 67%

Jul 2001:
Microsoft IIS 26%
Apache 59%

4 observations :

1) Malaysia is behind the world average on usage of open source
for web servers.

2) Since 2001, open source has grown worldwide, but weakened
in Malaysia.

3) Even Singapore, widely thought to be Microsoft friendly,
leads Malaysia in open source usage by %.

4) Zope is doing very well here.  172 of the world's 25536
Zope servers are in .my TLD (0.7%), despite Malaysian domains
only counting for 23839 of 46.1 million domains (0.05%),
meaning Zope is 14x more popular here than the world average.

So, Zope is a bright spot in the wilderness.


Imran William Smith, iwsmith@mimos.my
Project Manager, Open Source, MIMOS Berhad, Malaysia

Asian Open Source Centre : http://www.asiaosc.org
MIMOS Open Source        : http://opensource.mimos.my

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