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Re: [ossig] Larry Wall and his parrot

--- Ditesh Kumar <ditesh@ameba6.com> wrote:
> > On a more serious note: Doesn't parrot sound much
> like
> > .Net's universal 'interpreter'? 
> Yes it does. More here:
> http://www.sidhe.org/~dan/blog/archives/000151.html

Indeed! But then you can't accuse M$ of being
original. Ever.
> I like parrot :) PHP 6 backend might be Parrot,
> given that the work
> sterling and the other php dude have put to make php
> to run on the
> current incarnation of parrot. Imagine,  all the OS
> language powerhouses
> on one VM -php, python, perl, ruby.  One runtime to
> rule 'em all :)

Actually, I'm really looking forward to it. There's
even a competition to see which interpreter is faster
at doing python . Python's own or parrot. See here:


Even Guido's excited about it. :-)

If parrot wins and stays stable and keeps its
performance lead, I think it would serve us all to
have one runtime to rule them all. (err...am I
starting to sound like a 'human king'?)

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