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Re: [ossig] Netcraft Jan 2004 - country survey includes Malaysia

On Tue, 27 Jan 2004, Michael Choo wrote:

> Unless they (MyNIC) have changed their requirements, you need a company
> registration to register for .com.my domain. Also registering for other
> TLD's cost less than .com.my

don't forget that you need to jump thru 20 hoops just to do something as
switching primary/secondary nameservers within a .my domain as well. mynic
has to be one of the least user friendly registrars around. i once was
responsible for over 20 .my domains, most of which i've let lapse because
it was too much of a hassle managing it. if companies like easydns can
provide service to manage over 200,000 domains, i cant see why MYNIC can't
handle a quarter of that.

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