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[ossig] Streamyx IP got blacklisted from sending email!

Dear all,

You know what, I was trying to send an email to my cousin at 
summat@mail.com I used my normal streamyx email address, sending it through 
the normal SMTP server: smtp.streamyx.com

It got bounced back, and the message I got was:

   Recipient address: summat@mail.com
   Reason: Remote SMTP server has rejected address
   Diagnostic code: smtp;554 EMail from mailserver at is 
refused. See http://spamblock.outblaze.com/
   Remote system: dns;mail-com.mr.outblaze.com 
(TCP||61302||25) (spf10.us4.outblaze.com ESMTP Postfix)

Is it possible that someone is running an open relay? Or misconfigured 
their SMTP server?

This is not the first time my email sent using a Streamyx IP got bounced.


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