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Re: [ossig] Sendmail + LDAP

Thanks All,
Currently both of my email server and ldap are running on RH8. I had just make a very simple configuration to make both server running. Now I am try to look for the advanced method to recompile the servers to let them synchronize each other.

Dear Lau,
Sure, I can share with you what I learn from this project.  Currently I able to write a perl script to connect to SQL server to download staff info and then upload to the LDAP server.

Dear Julian,
Thanks, currently the company is using sendmail. I will try to look for Qmail if needed.

SianLun Lau wrote:
On Thu, 29 Jan 2004 09:07:49 +0800
Gan Sze Kai <gansk@sunway.edu.my> wrote:

Happy Chinese New Year,

same to you too :)

I had a sendmail server and LDAP server, and I plan to let the LDAP 
handle all the user information and authentication for sendmail. 
Currently my LDAP server is able to setup as general address book which 
is provide user name, email address, phone and etc. I try to configure 
my LDAP to serve then email routing system as well.

Please teach me how to configure the LDAP and sendmail work together. In 
future I will also plan to connect all the servers to LDAP.

what system are you running? i am doing something similar too.. and perhaps we can learn together.

i just got the ldap server working with my samba 3 server (migrating from samba 2.x isn't not so direct :P) and plan to further make use of the integration.

thank you


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