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Re: [ossig] Sendmail + LDAP

On Fri, 30 Jan 2004 09:30:35 +0800
Gan Sze Kai <gansk@sunway.edu.my> wrote:

Hi Sze Kai,

> Currently both of my email server and ldap are running on RH8. I had 
> just make a very simple configuration to make both server running. Now I 
> am try to look for the advanced method to recompile the servers to let 
> them synchronize each other.

i assume you are using then Cyrus and sendmail? that is standard from RH8 i think. me running debian woody with latest samba plus openldap from stable. sendmail and imapd from UW most probably later.

> Sure, I can share with you what I learn from this project.  Currently I 
> able to write a perl script to connect to SQL server to download staff 
> info and then upload to the LDAP server.

i wont have that problem :) we are starting new courses in the Uni and i am helping with the server.. so i want to make full use of the ldap server. :)

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