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Re: [ossig] Streamyx IP got blacklisted from sending email!

On Jan 31, 2004, at 12:21 AM, Colin Charles wrote:

> On Fri, 2004-01-30 at 21:43, Imran William Smith wrote:
>> Maybe there's a market for a company to sell on SMTP
>> services here in Malaysia (obviously using some kind of auth,
>> like pop-before-relay).
> Won't work if the ISP itself blocks any outgoing port 25 traffic. They
> effectively then force you to use their own SMTP servers. Most 
> annoying.

hmm, which ISP does this?

Anyway, best way around being black holed along with your ISP if you 
have your own servers is to ensure two things:

reverse DNS lookups on your server IP shows a domain different than 
that of your ISP....premise, its your own domain, so you should be able 
to control things better and not get black-holed

get your allocated IP block registered with APNIC in-addr.arpa by the 
creation of an INETNUM database object...this makes sure when someone 
does a whois on your IP number they get your domain and not your ISPs

If the black-hole maintainers do their job right your block won't be 
listed, otherwise you can email them and complain telling em to do a 
whois and rev lookup

However, there is a catch for both of these, your ISP will have to do 
the work for both to work ...because the BIG block was allocated to 
them, they own it so when they carve out a piece to allocate to a 
customer they have to update their DNS server and APNIC's database .... 
thats the tough part, unless you are on a leased line its not going to 

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