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RE: [ossig] Gnome in Malaysia

On Sun, 2004-02-01 at 02:14, Uwe Heinz Rudi Dippel wrote:

> Join the GNOME-my marketing team. That's gnome-my-list@gnome.org. 
> Colin,
> thanks. Not *exactly* what I asked, though.
> Plus, I'm an almost diehard XFCE-fan. It is closer to Gnome than to KDE.

XFce is cool; great since it fast, especially even on older machines.

> Still, no answer to my Q.
> Any URL ? FAQ ? whois ?

We are working on it. It should be stored at community.asiaosc.org. A
work in progress sits at http://community.asiaosc.org/~cbhoh/gnome-my/

What is it? Its really meant for advocacy of GNOME in Malaysia, as well
as for chit-chats. We planned an event, but it didn't go thru last year,
but Hasbullah and I met up and chit-chatted at a conference we

Chee Bin Hoh is also involved, and Khairul Yusof is involved in the
FreeBSD side of things. 

What else is there? Nothing, at the moment, but I'm sure once Gnome 2.6
gets released, everyone will have more time and give gnome-my a
kickstart. Oh, if you were wondering what snow-balled all of this, Jeff
Waugh decided that we needed to spread the love for GNOME, and he
created the "marketing-list", and subsequently the gnome-au marketing
list. Similar suits followed, with bangalore (already launched), and
Malaysia (to be launched soon). I believe there are a few other
marketing styled groups, in other countries.
Colin Charles, byte@aeon.com.my

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