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RE: [ossig] Streamyx IP got blacklisted from sending email!

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From: SianLun Lau
To: ossig@mncc.com.my
Subject: Re: [ossig] Streamyx IP got blacklisted from sending email!

not sure are you talking about me

somehow, hmm, seems like ... !

but i can share a little what you can
get in Germany.

> This country has done a lot to increase Internet penetration; with
very low
> dial-up rates and reasonable broadband rates. Well done !

erm, you are still talking about Germany?

No, Malaysia !!

hmm, hard to judge whether is it enough or not. having real 384k is
actually not too bad, especially at the price we are paying.

agreed, see above: 'Well done !'

> Where is the vendor when there is a market ?

duh.. there is one telekom to rule them all. :)

Exactly. This is exactly the situation that I had the dubious honour to
observe (as far as you can call this) from 1956 to 1991 [when I left for
good]. Germany had a single, over-regulated phone provider: Deutsche
Bundespost. You couldn't even plug your own phone. You were not permitted to
send data across without written permission. Using fax had to be registered.
Staffed by public servants. [My dear father had been one of them for 42

That had actually been my point: Why not trying even more to learn from
others' mistakes (and corrective measures) ?

Thanks for picking up the call, so to say, since you're more up to date with
current states of affairs in that place,


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