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Re: [ossig] Sendmail + LDAP

I not sure, did you realize that, everytime I try to find some configuration example for Red Hat, I can't get any helpful document for redhat. (are there become more propriety or what?). But I get a lot of example from Mandrake, debian, solaris and Novell. All this document give me many usefull infomation, and I will try to document the step-by-step.

Now I stuck at the problem with PAM (The last step and the most important step). Did you or your friend had experience on setting the PAM?

Sze Kai

Gan Sze Kai wrote:
Thank you for your support.
I just follow the OID no. registered at IANA and compose a new schema file (any one also can try this :-) ). If it is useful, I will publish it.  But I have not experience on publishing the open source code. If possible, could you please guide me how to do this? Or can we create a LDAP group for sharing?

Khairil Yusof wrote:
On Thu, 2004-02-26 at 16:31 +0800, Gan Sze Kai wrote:

I cant found any schema for objectClass "mailRecipient", so I had to
create my own schema file base on "Messaging Server Object Class-
Netscape" and it work fine.

There you go. That's how you go about things!

Document your steps, publish your schema.. and if other people use it
to, you've just contributed something for open source while getting more
knowledge yourself into how LDAP works.