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[ossig] Renamed: Gentoo install ... was Mandrake 4 CD

follow the main installation guide on the gentoo.org page.  i suggest
you start using the stage 3 option.   Read the installation instructions
carefully , ignore anything that is not stage 3 related.

it would also help if you download the liveCDs first,  that way you can
retry if something goes awry ... i had to repeat the install a couple of
times (hence the liveCD) to get it configured the way i like .... then I
went back online and updated to the latest version ....

once you are comfortable with stage 3 install .... the fun really starts
when you do stage 2 or 1 installs .... the compilations took days on my
P4 notebook .....

....enjoy .... 
> Gentoo takes a long time to work if you build everything. It's a good
> thing they have 3 stages, so you can save time on building stuff.
> That said, I don't know what machine you have. Visting gentoo.org or
> doing a google will be more helpful

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