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Re: [ossig] AOSG Open Day on FOSS

On Mon, 22 Mar 2004 11:44:26 +0800
Uwe Dippel <udippel@uniten.edu.my> wrote:

> Ikmal Ahmad wrote:
> > Mimos have NetBSD mirror?  I refer to http://www.netbsd.org/mirrors/#www didn't have any mirror that give URL for mirror based at MIMOS(may be I doesn't know, sorry about that).  I only know about www.my.netbsd.org which mirror by MyBSD. I enter http://opensource.mimos.my/ Only have mirror for 'Malay Localization' and OpenOffice.  Can you give URL for me show any mirror provide by MIMOS :)  Anyway,  OpenBSD mirror can reach at http://www.openbsd.org.my/ provide by http://leakage.org/ :)
> Forgive an old man in case he makes mistakes. It was like I remembered 
> having seen NetBSD on:
> http://mymirror.asiaosc.org/
> No, I'm old but I was right.
Oh ya... Sorry for my mistake.  U r right.  

> > Refer: http://www.openbsd.org.my/faq/faq3.html#ISO
> Thanks for the hint: There seems to be even a basic .ISO
> >>How's that ? [Refering to "Install OpenBSD"]
> No answer yet. No good idea ?
I have create it.  The iso size is:
321M OpenBSD-i386-3.4.iso
Can't create in 270 MB size.  Sorry for that.
> Uwe


 Thanks & Regards,

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