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Re: [ossig] Possible to split scope of 2 mailing lists?

OK.. I also think to not using company email address for the oss 
mailing, so I not get confuse...

Imran William Smith wrote:

> Does the group think it's a good idea to promote a more formal
> separation of the two mailing lists:
> MNCC = non-technical
> my-opensource = technical
> (e.g. the recent iptables discussion on MNCC started with a
> question about compiling 2.6.4 Linux kernel, so would this have
> better started in my-opensource than MNCC?)
> I know a number of people who would benefit from joining
> 1 or both of the open source mailing lists (MNCC, my-opensource),
> but they joined then told me they are overloaded with messages to read.
> In particular, non-technical people find many of the strongly
> technical postings irrelevant to them (and maybe vice-versa).
> What does the group think?  Of course, there will be
> technical discussions that go non-technical and vice versa,
> but it might reduce volume and allow people to just join
> on or the other group, rather than both.
> If so, then maybe the two 'subscription' pages :
> http://www.my-opensource.org/lists/myoss/index.html
> http://www.mncc.com.my/ossig/ossig-lists.html
> should mention the preferred scope and reference each other.
> On the downside, there will be some inevitable 'flames'
> with people telling others off for posting in the wrong
> group (although I notice that Asian based mailing lists
> are a lot more polite than those with mainly Europeans and
> especially Americans on board!)
> Thanks ...
> Imran

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