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Re: [ossig] Possible to split scope of 2 mailing lists?

On Tue, 2004-03-30 at 18:48, Imran William Smith wrote:

> By 'end-user' do you mean technical?  If so, that's good.

No, I meant beginner styled (hence end-user). I tend to divide end-users
and developers, so end-user talk is generally non-technical

> I post technical questions to my-opensource and non-tech to MNCC.
> Seems to work fine for me.

Just as practice

The history of the groups are different however; look into the archives
for some discussion with regards into this. In reality, ossig@mncc is
the open source SIG of the MNCC, so "beginner" (non-technical) questions
themselves don't necessarily have to be discussed here
Colin Charles, byte@aeon.com.my

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