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Re: [ossig] Possible to split scope of 2 mailing lists?

Like my case I start join the non-technical mailing list to getting know the policy, company and activity in OSS, but later when I getting more knowledge in Linux, I start join the discussion. Because I am already familiar with MNCC mailing list, and normally I will use this mailing list to post my question and suggestion.
Due to my work, I only had time to digest one mailing list.

Yusseri Yusoff wrote:
On Tuesday 30 March 2004 15:12, Imran William Smith wrote:
Does the group think it's a good idea to promote a more formal
separation of the two mailing lists:

MNCC = non-technical
my-opensource = technical


I must admit that most of the time I couldn't tell which is which. I once 
asked about the two separate lists before as well, which nsh replied to, and 
you as well. I personally would just leave things as it is.

Even if you make a clear separation, there'd still be people cross-posting 



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