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[ossig] Calling all open content + open access advocates.

Are there people familiar with open content and/or open
access here, who would like to push to see this idea taken up
wider in Malaysia (or do you know anybody)?

That is, people who are familar with and want to promote the philosophy
behind creativecommons + GFDL + wikipedia + MIT's opencourseware
+ public library of science, etc.

I'm hoping to promote more discussion on this (i.e. freedom/
openness, but not related to software).  Some ideas:

1) create a mailing list for further discussion specifically
on these issues w.r.t. Malaysia

2) hopefully, create a platform for several proponents of open
content + open access to promote this idea further to
higher learning institutes and research institutes in Malaysia.

I am aware that Dalbir Singh (presented paper on this
at FOSSCON) and some local bloggers who use creativecommons
licensing (Dinesh, for starters) may be interested.

India is already pushing this heavily.  The National Institute
of Science (if I remember correctly) is conducting workshops open
to all Indian Uni's and Research Institutes on open access
and creating open repositories.  Taiwan is doing some work.
USA is doing a lot (as usual, not led by the top).


Imran William Smith,
Open Source R&D, MIMOS Berhad, Malaysia
http://opensource.mimos.my -  http://www.asiaosc.org

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