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Re: [ossig] Possible to split scope of 2 mailing lists?

On Tue, 30 Mar 2004, Mukhsein Johari wrote:

> Uh. Dinesh, care to elaborate? Or are your objections
> along the line's of Colins? I can understand that.

i'd rather we work on UNITY instead of further fragmentation. do note
that the ossig@mncc mailing list is the formal vehicle for the mncc, while
myoss is an informal grouping of open source advocates, developers and
users. i'd like to keep it that way, not segmenting on the content and
context of the mailing lists.

added to these are the numerous (usually bahasa based) mailing list of the
diverse linux/freebsd groups in the country. i'd rather we have one banner
we charge under than to do it under multiple banners.

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