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Re: [ossig] Calling all open content + open access advocates.

Simos Xenitellis wrote:
> Maybe I am off-topic, but here is goes.

off you go ...

> - nationwide student competition with media coverage (hey, MS started
> doing this in several countries around the world)

very active *within* Malaysia. If you wanted I forwarded all that stuff 
to you. But others might bash me for presumably being a M$-zealot.
And, we would not learn too much from it. Money makes the world go 
round, as little as is involved. Malaysia made the second place 
worldwide on some student competition on .NET.

> - FOSS awards to recognise the contributions of locals


> - Registering local expertise based on area of knowledge (kernel
> programmers, GTK+, QT, C/C++, etc) so that they can be contacted to get
> a job/freelancing.

I think Colin started something like that ?

> - Start "Planet FOSS Malaysia" as suggested at the Mimos talk. There is
> an explosion of Planets (see: www.planetplanet.org) recently. See
> http://planet.gnome.org/ and the references to other Planets.

Please, go ahead, good !

> - Give recognition to your localisers. Translation looks as the saddest
> form of contribution to FOSS (am referring primarily to some other
> country, no clue about malaysia).

AFAIK, this is being done (if not, something went wrong).


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