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Re: [ossig] Calling all open content + open access advocates.

Dinesh Nair wrote:

> however, in
>malaysia, you'd need to step back and educate on content licensing as
>well, which is a much larger scope of work.
I agree.  Content licensing and perhaps even than that, "why share?".

>>If people don't know they have a choice and the benefits of open content
>>and open access, they can't make that choice.  
>what if they _don't_ want the choice ?
Maybe they are fine as they are.  Or maybe the open source revolution that
will eventually push Microsoft back to being just one software vendor, will
see the same effects in content, and those that produce open content
will gain market share from those that only understand the proprietary 
business model and mindset.

For example:
Who's going to sign up for Brittanica Online for many more years when
www.wikipedia.org has more articles already, and when wikipedia can tell you
what Brittanica is, but (I'm guessing) Brittanica isn't up to date enough
to tell you what Wikipedia is, and is also claimed to be wrong on a lot 
of other stuff:

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